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mistress of the universe
Artist | Student
Current Residence: somewhere in the galaxy
Captain's personal log. Space-date: 400265

Dear Diary,

This morning my vessel finally left Spacedock, some turbulence in the Propulsion systems, but Engineer Dave sold the problem within seconds, then he went to work on the Airlocks, I haven't seen him since.

I have set a course towards the Fornax-cluster; it's six million light-years from here, so I guess we will have to make a few stops during this trip. I should ask Dave if he knows any good tourist spots around the Orion Nebulae, as long as it isn't a detour, I'm in for it.

Nothing more to do now. I think I will play a few games of chess with my Board Computer, who, as I discovered, likes to be called Mr. E.
But I'll guess he will be a funny lad, ehm, computer.

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